Monday, July 9, 2007

Blog By Deed & Blogger Is A Ghetto!

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A//Political was an anarcho punk band from Baltimore, M.D. USA, during the mid to late 90's. Their style is similar to that of "Peace Punk" bands from the early 1980s and was heavily influenced by anarcho-punk bands like Crass and Conflict. Members were involved in the Crasshole Collective and the Anarcho-Punk Federation (A.P.F.).

A//Political - Propaganda By Deed

Recorded at House Of Wheat Studios, May 1998. Released on Crasshole Records in November 1998. First Press: 1000 Black Vinyl w/ paper insert. Second Press: 750 Black Vinyl, 250 Clear Red Vinyl, both w/ sticker insert.

A//Political - Punk Is A Ghetto

Recorded at House Of Wheat Studios May 1998. Released by Profane Existence/Skuld Releases in December 1998. First Pressing: 1000 Black Vinyl. Second Pressing: 500 Black Vinyl. Third Pressing: 500 Black Vinyl.

I Hope This One Sounds Better Than The Previous One I Posted.

Download Here:


Van Daniels said...

What a great band. I only have these on cassette, so the upload is greatly appreciated!

F. Mercenary said...

No problem, Your Welcome!

HayMarket8 said...

Not to toot my owm horn but they also had a split ep with Counterpoise, which I released on Autonomous Action. Check it out.