Monday, July 2, 2007

Blog On Acid

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Thatcher On Acid were an anarcho punk band from the United Kingdom. They formed in Somerset during 1983. That's all I found but their a great band, so yeah.

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harp0 said...

Played first gig in Shepton Mallet, Somerset, September, 1983; first vinyl realease, a 12" EP, The Moondance, released in 1986 on All The Madmen; played the 'Gathering Of The 5000' at Brixton Academy with Conflict, April 1987; released first album, Curdled, in 1987 on All The Madmen; drummer Martin Hosken quits and is replaced by Andi Tuck, late summer 1987.

Some late football results: Chumbawamba 9 Thatcher On Acid 8 (Wales, en route to Birmingham, 29/11/87); Thatcher On Acid 4 Chumbawamba 3 (Brockwell Park, Brixton, 14/12/87); in 1988 recorded and released live album Garlic at the Canterbury Arms, Brixton - first released for newy-formed Rugger Bugger Discs, put together by resident piss-taker Mr Forbez and the band; first European trip taking in Holland and Germany, September 1988. Another late football result: The Ex 1 Thatcher On Acid 4 (a park in Utrecht); 1989 toured the UK under the anti-poll tax banner - a benefit tour also featuring Political Asylum and Danbert Nobacon; recorded a couple of tracks for the Fuck EMI LP (Sell Off The Water and 486 4488, featuring Dave Kirkby on lead vocals); recorded Flannel 905 EP in Somerset - Steven Wells' NME 'Single of the Week' 28/4/90; recorded three-track LP The Illusion Of Being Together with Dave Kirkby (Slave Dance front man, aka 'Steerpike') in February, 1990 - a sharp critique of the anarcho-punk movement; original drummer Martin Hosken returned to play bass; album released on Meantime Records.

Recorded fourth album Frank, "nocturnally" at Woodlands, Castleford - released by Agit-Prop Records; late summer 1990 tour Holland with Fugazi; play twice at Jarocin Festival, Poland, summer 1991; tour west coast of the USA, September 1991; recorded split with Wat Tyler, winter 1992 - this album features version of Our Gods Are Falling Down recorded during this session and featuring Steve Ignoranton lead vocals; recorded No Fucking War for split 7" on Clawfist Records with 7 Year Bitch; spring 1992 recorded last single, Yo-o Man, released on K Records in 1993; played three eventful gigs in Ireland with Wat Tyler; final tour, September, 1992, Scandanavia and Germany with Alice Donut(this line-up of Ben, Bob and Andi became three-fifths of Schwartzeneggar); last gig in Ehingen, Germany; reformed briefly to play two benefits for the McLibel campaign at Chat's Palace, Hackney and ULU in 1998.

A couple more football results: Anhrefn 2 Thatcher On Acid 8; Thatcher On Acid 12 Political Asylum 2.

- transcribed from "Anti-Society: Anarcho-Punk Compliation Vol. 3" liner notes.

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