Saturday, August 25, 2007


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After three hours of of uploading this I finally finished to post it up here. Thanks to who has this available on their site but I happen to put it all in just one download. I recommend you download this (if you don't have it yet) as soon as possible or spread the link around in case some bastard decides to take it off of divshare or something.

JOBBYKRUST were an amazing fucking great band from Belfast, Northern Ireland UK, from the early 90's (I'm guessing, or maybe late 80"s?) and split up in 1998. Jobbykrust lineup was: Chris (Drums), Craig (Bass/Vox), Tim (Guitar), Jennifer (Vox), Glynn (Vox).

Jobbykrust - Discography

Download Here:


bak said...

great blog!!! i was looking for a jobbykrust discography!! thanx.
check my blog:
up the fuckin' punx!!
cheers from greece.

7inchcrust said...

great band...
member(s?) of Jobbykrust later went on in Dagda.

RATOSECO said...

I listen to this band alot in the 90's. great post.

You are added.

b3A7n1k said...

This is a great blog! Thanks for posting this.

I'm less familiar with hardcore from the '90s but I DID happen to see Jobbykrust play with Citizen Fish in Belfast at the Warzone Collective in 1996 while traveling through Britain and Ireland. It was an amazing experience to see these bands play in the actual collective space that I had only heard about through the Toxic Waste/Stalag 17 EP I had bought as a teenager.

Unfortunately, the collective is no longer around but here's their website for those with a penchant for anarcho-history.

Warzone Collective