Sunday, August 12, 2007

Why Must We Die For You?

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Two EP compilations dedicated to the topic of Animal Liberation released on Dire/Action Records. The first EP includes songs from Detestation, End Result, Idi Amin, and Depressor. The second EP includes songs from A//Political, React, Resist And Exist, and Acts Of Heresy.

V/A - Why Must We Die For Your Palate? 7"
V/A - Why Must We Die For Your Science? 7"

Download Here:


Anonymous said...

cool. the guy and gal who did dire/action were awesome people but i lost contact with them over the years. stayed at there house once and got shown the sites there in kentucky and fed yummy food.

i was also in idi amin (not our best song)and was glad to be apart of the record.

they had planned to do this as a 4 part series, but things folded and they broke up.

i never got the second one so ill have to grab it now.

7inchcrust said...

great 7" 's with nice inserts and the zine is awesome. And great bunch of bands. Why must we die for your science was also re-released by Spiral Records. nice post, thanks. :)

Buck said...

Hey, Buck from React/Statecontrol podcast here... great blog, just stumbled to it. Thanks for the link, hope you dig the show!

Awesome, better than the rip I found a few months back... but I guess higher bitrates can't even make the production on the React song listenable, haha.


sing_o_muse said...

Detestation! Awesome.

Space astronomy said...

I have the "Why Must We Die for Your Palate" 7". Righteous. Picked it up a few years ago at a thrift store. I live in Canada, so I'd never heard any of these bands before. Fucking killer.