Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Blog Tofu

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Raw Tofu were a female/male fronted Anarcho Punk band from the Southern California area that was active from 2002-2004 with a similar 80's punk sound. What we have here is their S/T Demo from March 2003, which sounds a bit distorted and difficult to listen to the vocals but it gets the job done, in my opinion...

Raw Tofu - Demo March 2003

Download Here:



Frusciante said...

Hey, thanks for the great music you post here. Anychance you could post more Mankind?

F. Mercenary said...

Unfortunately, I don't really have any other Mankind? 7" on mp3 format because I really have not figured out how to record it to mp3 format from vynil...
So until I figure it out I guess we'll all have to wait... :-(

I only have four other Mankind? songs on mp3 format in my computer, two are from the Pogo Attack comp. and the other two are random songs. If you want to I could post a link to those 4 songs?
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thanks and Cheers

crustcracker said...

i will post the split mankind/final warning,cheerz!

Papst Benedikt XVI said...

pigs suck 2x7" AMEN!

Wuttisak said...

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Nick said...

this demo kinda sounds like dogshit!!! Joey just wouldn't turn down my bass drum!!!!

here's some studio tracks we did a couple months later:


3 of the 7 tracks we recorded that day. we never went back and finished the other because we broke up less than a month later. these WERE going to appear on a split with Armistice that never happened, obviously. in the years that have past members have been active in other projects. Joey, our screaming leader, has done After the Massacre, Problem//Reaction//Solution, Secret Sect, as well as publishing Morbid Massakre zine and running the distro. Myself, the drummer, moved on to Caveat Emptor, Svarta Tankar, Exocet, Barren, Mundo Muerto, amongst others.

you can post this stuff if you want. in fact, that would be really awesome.

stay punk.