Friday, November 16, 2007

1 Month And 2 Weeks Later

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"An 11 song discography type album compiling everything Contravene have recorded except for the "A Call To Action" LP/CD. So you get all the songs from their self titled 7", split 7" with Svart Aggression, the "times of war, times of peace" CD-R (which includes covers of both Omega Tribe and Doom songs)"

From my collection: No
My rip: No
Format: MP3
Bit rate: 256 kbps
File size: 75.75 MB

Contravene - S/T


CV said...

Exelente! es bueno este disco! Sigue subiendo que hace falta subir al blog! besitos del blog

Andy said...

the link doesnt work, pleeeeease fix

F. Mercenary said...

This post got reuploaded.
Thanx for notifying and enjoy!