Friday, March 7, 2008

Blogocracy - Dankblog

The grindcore band from Redwood City, CA U$A, that formed in 1988. Forgot where I d-loaded this from... but I was too excited when I did. When I listened to this the first time, I came to the conclusion that my expectations were true; This is one of the best grindcore bands I've heard! Now I listen to this non-stop! This is the CD version which was released on Convoy Records and then later rereleased on 625 Thrashcore Records, and it includes the Dankstahz LP album, the split 7" with Discordance Axis, the "Progress"demo, and 10 live tracks from 1993 which makes 40 tracks in total.
You can also go to 7inch Crust blog and get the Plutocracy - Snitch 7" there.


Batguano said...

I have this CD somewhere, but it's scratched all to hell from taking it everywhere with me for like ten years (I think it was released on Convoy Records(?)). Thanks for posting it! Pluto was amazing! I have their live split LP with Phobia which I will have to post soon on the FE blog.


Atherton? Pluto was from Redwood City.

Tri-City Terror said...

atherton is the richest city in the bay area, i think you mean redwood city...?