Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Civil Blogging - Blogger/Extinction

Fucking anarcho hardcore punk like you've never heard before! Released on Profane Existence in 1996. Go visit Crust-Demos to get their Political Prisoners 1992 Tape if you haven't already. Tell 'em Thanks!

From my collection: No
My rip: No
Format: MP3
Bit rate: 160 kbps
File size: 24.92 MB


cavity said...

The most beautiful-passionate music i heard in a looooong time. Don't stop this blog. It'll be a fuckin waste.

Ilse said...

I really enjoy the music you post, but do you really have to include the "blogging" in every title ? It makes you sound like an 8 year old kid.

F. Mercenary said...

Sorry, it kind of became a thing that I just had to continue doing, once I had started.....

toxikboys@hotmail.com said...

gran blog hermano!

visita www.crucifiedforyoursins.blogspot.com

Saludos libertarios!

je_36 said...

why everyone have this record on very low quality mp3! what a shame :(

HayMarket8 said...

Classic Album!