Monday, August 24, 2009

Bloggin' To The Oldies

Just to keep ya busy during this time I'll put this one up, that I ended up finding from some other blog. I was searching for this one for quite a while and I'm just spreading the message here, hahaha.

From my collection: No
My rip: No
Format: MP3
Bit rate: 200-288 kbps (VBR)
File size: 117.43 MB


CVrecs said...

Novedades en el catalogo!

crudo_soy_zine said...

saludos gente, desde valparaíso Chile, está en preparación el tercer numero de CRUDO SOY zine, con entrevistas, reviews, articulos... necesitamos que nos cuenten noticias sobre vuestra banda... nuevo material, nuevas canciones, nuevas grabaciones, solicitud de integrantes, zines, recitales, giras, necesitmaos de vuestra ayuda!... todo esto hasta el 25 de noviembre.... escribir un e mail a o por medio de my space en

hi people, from Valparaíso Chile, we´re prepparing a new number of CRUDO SOY zine, with interviews, music reviews, texts... we need to know news about your band... new stuff, new recordings, new songs, look for a new member on bands, tours, zines, activities, news on your city's scene... we wait to november 25... send a mail to or in

Virman said...

Please kindly check this out:


if you like it, you can have it but if you don't, just delete it.


Bep said...

Hey there. I've recently become obsessed with music blogs. I like yers. I've gotten a few very great things from you. Thanks! I recently completed a "one man harcore band 7" single" under the moniker "Violent Fit". It was all created with Garageband. There isn't a single "real" instrument on it other than my voice. I even put record static and needle scratches (after every 2 songs) to make it sound like an authentic 7" that came out in the late 80's or early 90's. You don't have to post it or anything (if you don't feel inclined to do so) but whether you (or anyone) likes it in general I think it's at least an interesting concept. Please take a listen, and if you can, let me know what ya think. Thanks again! - Bep Kororoti