Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Raw Blogfu

Here's some three studio tracks from Raw Tofu that were posted on the comments from the first Raw Tofu post by the drummer of the band, Nick.

Thank You for the tracks Nick.

Here's his comment regarding these 3 tracks:

"3 of the 7 tracks we recorded that day. we never went back and finished the other because we broke up less than a month later. these WERE going to appear on a split with Armistice that never happened, obviously. in the years that have past members have been active in other projects. Joey, our screaming leader, has done After the Massacre, Problem//Reaction//Solution, Secret Sect, as well as publishing Morbid Massakre zine and running the distro. Myself, the drummer, moved on to Caveat Emptor, Svarta Tankar, Exocet, Barren, Mundo Muerto, amongst others.

you can post this stuff if you want. in fact, that would be really awesome.

stay punk.

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