Friday, July 2, 2010

Hey, you...

I've re-uploaded just some of the posts, so check them out and get rid of the old copies you might of downloaded. Yeah, some of you MP3 lovers might not like half of the re-uploads, but oh well. So check all the posts from the first one to the last one for the new re-posts(you might notice them by the small added portion of information I added to them like the recent Spazz post). So, yeah, get rid of some of the low quality rips you might of gotten from here and get the new ones, like the "AntiProduct - The Deafening Silence Of Grinding Gears" for example. I'll probably end up fixing some of the other posts later, but for now, enjoy!

Just for the sake of advertising, you gals and guys should go get your copy of the A//Political discography at the Threat To Existence Records site. I waited, I think, 2 years for it since they first announced it and it's pretty killer, with the exception of a few small flaws(in my opinion) on the CD that I ended up fixing and just ended up burning a "fixed" copy for me to listen to but they did a good job on it regardless. And the book that it comes with is really fucking amazing!

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